Tuesday, April 29, 2014


On a stage yesterday, standing 20 feet away from the crematorium that incinerated 1.5 million of my people in Auschwitz-Birkenau we did much more that deliver a call to action and new process to the 15,000 assembled there.

We actually brought and will continue to bring through P6M...
Light to the dark.
Energy to the void.
Creation to the loss.
Life to the death.
Action to the remembrance.
Hope to the sadness.
Color to the gray.
Generation to the frustration.
Positive to the negative.
Healing to the shattered.
Commitment to the question.
New relief to the survivors.
Young strength to carry the torch.

I felt a shift in that place, a light breaking through.
This is the beginning of a new way to look at remembrance, memorial and what humanity's capable of... and all about us (you included) creating what's possible forward.

Capture what that means for you, right now....

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