Monday, April 28, 2014

Today was the March of the Living, and Project6Million was there! However, as I try to think of words to describe the impact we made today and how we were impacted, I am stumped. What words could possibly be adequate to depict the sea of blue jackets and shining faces overtaking one of the darkest places in Jewish history.
Instead, I will share a poem that was written today by a woman I met on The March. Her name is Judie Berger, and after I explained P6M to her, she promptly composed this:

Among the bricks and stones and pain
We come to show we live again.
We cannot be diminished- we will not go away
The Judaism rises in generations every day.

The world will spin- we all will grow
The world gets smaller- as you know
But the Jew survives- and we know why
For all the earth- Am Yisrael Chai

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