Saturday, April 26, 2014

Productivity and Reflection

Today, Project6Million's second day in Poland, was a big day. I know that people often refer to days as big days, but today really was quite a big day. We began with the launch of the updated edition of our website, (in case you didn't get here from there), equipped with all of the new tools for our statement process. The update allows the uploading of images as a form of statement. I know I can speak for all of us when I say how much we are looking forward to seeing the expanded potential of our project be fully realized.
We continued our day by meeting and speaking with a delegation of teenagers  from New York and New Jersey.  They shared with us some of their experiences from the first few days of the trip which we connected back to the project. Their enthusiasm and understanding for what we are doing was inspiring, and I am looking forward to reading their statements!
We then proceeded to share Project6Million with the adult delegation from Mexico.  It was an amazing feeling to know in that moment that our reach is truly global. This feeling was only intensified just a short while ago tonight as we spoke to around 1500 teens, adults, and survivors from Canada, Sweden, South Africa, Panama, and Israel.
In between all of our presentations, including one for the Miami delegation, we found some time to see the new Jewish museum in Warsaw. Lost on the way, we were lucky enough to run into a former regional BBYO advisor of mine. He invited us to join in with his group from Los Angeles on their tour of the old Jewish neighborhood of Warsaw. 
This part of the day was the reflective part. As the memories of our first trip here flooded back, I experienced the way that my perspective has changed since the last time I was here. In 2011 I was shocked and disturbed by the atrocities of the Shoah and the shadows left by its victims. Now, three years later, I am unfortunately unsurprised at the new facts I learn, and I feel that I am processing them much more easily. I am grateful for this, yet at the same time it is hard to accept that I can accept what I'm hearing.

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